So many church bulletin boards are hanging empty or outdated in church hallways now that e-newsletters keep members abreast of the latest church announcements. This is a simple, but impactful use of that space. Using simple leaf templates I cut a variety of leaf shapes out of construction paper and we distributed them in the church bulletin. During the service Todd instructed members to write what they were thankful for on their leave and we collected them at the end of the service. I have done similar boards where leaves, etc. were available at the bulletin board or in the hallway for members to fill out. For this particular board, I fastened the leaves into place myself. Another option is to provide tacks or double sided tape for members to do so.

Now, since we are instructed to “give thanks in all circumstances” and we are currently in some pretty difficult circumstances as churches how could this activity be conducted remotely. I think not only is it possible, it’s necessary now more than ever!

How to create a “Give Thanks” Bulletin Board remotely:

  • Members could email their words of thanks to a volunteer and that person write them on leaves.
  • Construction paper leaves traced from an emailed template could be created and physically mailed to a point person or the church. A little more involved, perhaps, but great for kids who benefit from hands-on activities to connect them to church
  • Create a virtual bulletin board. This could be on the church website, Facebook, or Instagram page or using a program like Padlet.

However the bulletin board is created, be sure to take a photo and share it in all of the church’s communications tools.

“Giving thanks gives us perspective.”


Giving thanks gives us perspective. Perspective about ourselves, our church and our God. It’s easy to get caught in the undertow of life, especially church life. Finding something or someone to be thankful for gives us a rock, creates a handhold in the Rock that is higher and helps us hold on a little longer.