A useful tool for discussing the Ministry Garden strategy. This infographic is designed to accompany the post “Ministry Garden Part 1: Setting Ministry Priorities for Your Church”. It includes a diagram of the Ministry Garden as well as descriptions of each of the four criteria for adopting a new ministry. This diagram available in another layout without criteria descriptions, here. These are based on a training workshop from the Christian Community Development Association.

Additional steps for ensuring new ministries flourish can be found in the post, “Ministry Garden Part 2: How to Establish and Maintain Church Ministries”. With an accompanying infographic available under Church Resources here. These steps are based on my own observations working in ministry and with faith-based organizations.

Both are available for download and could be used in a church newsletter, bulletin, enewsletter, or presentation.

Use this link to download Infographic. Please respect the creativity and hard work of our writers and include attribute. 

Feature Image courtesy of Rachel Loughlin. More about Rachel’s art and activism, here.