Text: John 14:1-14

The first sermon in the sermon series “Abide These Three: Faith, Hope, and Love”

Originally preached May 18, 2014

When we look at the NT from the Gospels to Revelation, it is quite clear that faith is something deep and dynamic and active, not something finite and static…Thus faith forms the basis for how we live in the reality of the Resurrection, how we live into the Kingdom, more than what we believe ABOUT the Resurrection or the Kingdom.

If we have faith; if we trust in God – trust in who He is, what He has done, what He is doing – we will live out that faith, and live OUT OF that faith. In Hebrews 11, all of the heroes of the faith listed there are justified by faith, but not a single one is  included in the list because of what they believe. They’re in the list because of what they DID – how they responded to and acted out of their faith in God.

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Todd Thomason
Todd has led racially and economically diverse churches in the US and Canada, and believes the local church should fully integrate men, women, and children of all ages, races, persuasions, and backgrounds into its fellowship and seek to bridge social, economic, and ethnic divides locally and globally.His ministry is dedicated to preaching, teaching, and pursuing an undomesticated gospel.