Jesus’ Life and Martin’s Death

A sermon about the convergence of Dr. King’s assassination and Jesus’ resurrection preached Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021. The biblical text is Mark 16, a jarring revelation of the discovery of the empty tomb. The sermon examines ways in which Martin Luther King Jr.'s faith shaped his fight for social justice and why we are called to do the...

A Church of Love VS A Love of Church

Frederick Douglass had some strong things to say about the church, so does Todd. If the church is going to be the body Christ calls it to be, then its members need to stop playing dress-up and clothe themselves in Christ. The proof and the truth is in the way we live our lives out in the messy world....

Giving Thanks, Practicing Grace

A sermon for Thanksgiving. Encouragement to give thanks in all circumstances, to look for helpers, and to be one.

Who Is Jesus?

Who is Jesus? The answer to this question has ramifications for how we live and how we do church. A look at a few popular pseudo-Jesuses including "Hallmark Christmas Movie Jesus" and "Success Jesus" versus the Real Jesus.

To the Ends of the Earth: The Spirit of Haida Gwaii The first in Todd's series, "To the Ends of the Earth: Gospel Lessons from the Art of Five Continents." This sermon takes a look at First Nation's artist Bill Reid's masterpiece, "The Spirit of Haida Gwaii" and asks what this sculpture has to teach the church about diversity, conflict, and justice so that the church can live into the...

The Lord’s Prayer

Prayer recalibrates us to pursue our call. "The Lord’s Prayer is a prayer that pulls us down to our knees.. but it is also a prayer that draws us back to our feet..because we have work to do." This sermon breaks down the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples to pray and challenges us to pray it and be...

Go and Teach

The first sermon in a series for the season of Easter that looks at the post-resurrection story of each Gospel. This sermon focuses on the Gospel of Matthew and Jesus as teacher. Discipleship at the feet of Jesus is as much about unlearning as it is about learning.

Love Each Other

Another sermon from the series on Discipleship, and the key to understanding the Gospel. Love lies at the center of Jesus' message and his mission. In Jesus, God does the things Love does. When we Love like Jesus we are able to shift our focus to those things that matter to God. Text: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 and Matthew 24:34-40.

Practicing the Kingdom

This sermon continues the series on Discipleship by taking a closer look at what it means to embody the Kingdom of God. We have to learn to live as the people of Jesus in a more cooperative, communal and interdependent way because our mission isn’t just to proclaim the kingdom, it is to embody it. The kingdom of God...

Follow Me

What is our calling as the church? Anything but ordinary during this extraordinary time. Following Jesus is a journey full of discovery and new possibilities including the discovery of our own privilege. The first sermon in a series on Discipleship (Justice, Love, Prayer, Practicing the Kingdom) looking at what it means to follow Jesus. Texts: Mark 1: 14-22,...

Sermon Remix