Friday, July 23, 2021

Social Justice


May 31, 2020 Last night Some of my city burned

Daughters of Rizpah: Working Through Trauma

Buttry, Sharon A. and Daniel L. Buttry. Daughters of Rizpah: Nonviolence and the Transformation of Trauma. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2020.

World of Meaning

This month marks the 40th anniversary of the death of Howard Thurman (April 10), an early twentieth century African-American theologian, poet, pastor,...


April 4, 2021 This is my garden And I choose...

American Quilts and Social Change

The Toledo Museum of Art is hosting a unique collection of quilts, both historic and contemporary, for an exhibit it's calling "Radical...

Remembering the Radical Roots of Mother’s Day

Before the flowers, before the jewelry, before the cards and candy Mothers’ Day was a day of activism. In 1858 Ann Marie...

Movies to End Mass Incarceration

Film is a powerful medium for bringing issues to light and inspiring change. As part of "Locked in Solidarity," the Christian Community...

“Food Bank” for Education

“Every child deserves the best opportunity to be their best self,” is the guiding principle behind Canada’s first “education bank” as envisioned...

Harriet Tubman’s Former Church Receives Grant

Salem Chapel British Methodist Episcopal church in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada is the oldest Black congregation in Ontario. Originally founded in 1814,...

Marking Time

Founded in 1971 as a non-profit center for contemporary art, New York City’s MoMA PS1 is the Museum of Modern Art’s exhibit...

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Declaring Our Independence

The two nations on the North American continent that celebrate independence from Great Britain do so three days apart each year.  Here in...

Abide These Three: Love

Text: John 13:33-5; 14-15-21 The third sermon in the sermon series “Abide These Three: Faith, Hope, and Love.”

Abide These Three: Hope

Text: Lamentations 3:1-6, 14-24 (Todd is reading in this recording from the TANAK) and Revelation 21:1-7 The second sermon in the sermon series...

Abide These Three: Hope

Text: Lamentations 3:1-6, 14-24 (Todd is reading in this recording from the TANAK) and Revelation 21:1-7 The second sermon...

Abide These Three: Faith

Text: John 14:1-14 The first sermon in the sermon series "Abide These Three: Faith, Hope, and Love"