Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Current July 26, 2020 This year we stay close Avoid travel by swimming In the river where it bends And there are calm pools Safe from storm-swollen current I like to...


Grafitti June 2020. Richmond, Virginia. My friend studies graffiti From Roman ruins I once heard her speak on the things We learn from words arrested by time When ash rained...

Merry Christmas by Langston Hughes

This poem accompanied the sermon, "Making Peace." MERRY CHRISTMASby Langston HughesPublished In New Masses (Dec. 1930)

The Tomb is Still Empty

Worship services on the Sunday after Easter are typically the lowest attended of the year. In effect,...

A Psalm

Today marks an interesting convergence: the celebration of Earth Day and the conclusion of the National Days of Remembrance, an annual week-long...





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