October 29, 2021

I think I may quit the church

Of trying to change the world now

Sit alone on my porch

Wrapped in a sweater

With my coffee and think of:


For a while

Except the quiet saving of myself

Was I only ever looking for

A place to belong

A way to find meaning

To know it mattered that I had lived

Was I always only dreaming

Possibilities into imperfect places

To keep from feeling the sting

Of my own unholy need

I may just see if I can matter

Simply by being alive

The way trees worship

In a bold October blue

The way their leaves are

Fragile and incarnate

Exactly as they and the wind

Decide to be together

A brash glorious choir

Meeting in the sky

And I can’t remember

Why I thought I had to work so hard

To change something I already

Transform just by breathing

Just by being