It is ok to just be

Exhausted from the day

The week the year

It is ok that the piles of regrets

Are higher than the unfolded laundry

At least it’s clean? Right?

At least you began

to make amends

To the myriad way you failed

Your own intentions

It is Ok to just accept

The moment and reject the premise

No one can make you sit

In a cramped desk anymore

You don’t have to recite the pledge

To broken, naked empire

It is ok to just breathe

Just ask your body what it needs

To feed it food and sunshine and movement

To let it soak in solitude or rage

It is ok to break and discard things

People gave you

when they no longer serve you

Cluttering up the life you are making

Even if it looks nothing

Like the one you planned

Nothing like the person you told everyone

You were and would be

It is ok to burn all your

Love letters to people

Dreams, cities, and even gods

And in the flames

Just to admire the molten

Rivulets like water

The metal of your armor

Flowing to the sea


It is ok to just be