The sleet plays percussion

On the stove vent

While I’m fixing tea

Feeling the ice

Settle back in deep

It helps not to dwell

On past warm days

And short nights

It helps not to imagine

Just enjoying the sound

A storm makes

While knowing you are safe

Against the elements

Against the future

Against letting go

But if that isn’t possible

Remember how plants sleep

Until it is safe to awaken

And take their advice

Unsheltered though you may be

If that’s the only way

To be sure you are still here

For the world being created

By the same hands

Now cradling a warm mug

Like they are holding hope

Even as the ice piles up

Covering familiar paths

It should be strange: feeling lost

In your own home

Or your own skin

But it just feels like returning

A comforting white blanket

Piling up all around

Remembering all too well

How to sit with silence

Like a friend

Bring it the very cup of tea

You ached to be offered

Listen to the wind sing

Reminisce about how

This isn’t the first winter

She has reminded you

How much time

Is needed

To heal